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Pet Allergies Treatment From Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka, KS

If you have a dog or cat that seems to be suffering from symptoms associated with pet allergies, you will want to treat the condition so that they no longer experience discomfort. Consider contacting Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka, KS, to have our veterinarian provide your pet with veterinary services in the comfort of your home. Here is some information to read over about pet allergies and how our mobile vet can help eliminate the symptoms they cause.

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Different Types of Pet Allergies

Allergic reactions come in several different forms. Just as with humans, pets can have food allergies. If you notice your pet has what you believe is an allergic reaction after eating a particular food, in addition to seeing our vet, stop giving the food to them to avoid further symptoms. If your pet has a flea problem, bites could cause itching and skin irritation. In more severe cases, red bumps and even infection could occur. Flea treatment is necessary in addition to treating the skin problem. Chemical agents, grooming supplies, dust, and environmental conditions can also cause allergies in pets.

Signs That Your Pet May Have an Allergy

The symptoms your pet suffers from can vary depending on the trigger. If your pet has a food allergy, they may have digestive troubles that cause vomiting or diarrhea. An allergic reaction to a chemical or grooming agent may be signified by skin itchiness or a rash. Environmental allergies usually cause a pet to have excessive mucus, difficulty breathing, running eyes, or coughing. Any change in your pet's behavior is a cause for concern. It is best to contact our veterinary team to ask questions about allergies and to have our vet check over your pet to determine what is causing them distress.

How Our Mobile Vet Can Help Your Pet

Calling our mobile vet to make an appointment for an evaluation of your pet's condition is the best way to get appropriate treatment if an allergic reaction is occurring. Our veterinarian will make the trip to your home, saving you the trouble of having to bring your pet to a practice. This is especially beneficial for those who do not have vehicles, are primarily housebound, or for pets that have anxiety about going to public locations or riding in a vehicle. Our veterinarian will do a full evaluation of your pet's medical health and will take appropriate action in stopping allergy symptoms from happening. This may require medication or lifestyle changes for your pet.

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